Martin Stevenson posing with his trophy when he came 5th in the Ukbff bodybuilding championship in britain
Olney Phonebox (Released November 2010) 
Olney Gym owner Martin Stevenson competes in  
British National Bodybuilding Final 
Local Gym owner Martin Stevenson competed in Nottingham at the Royal Concert Hall over the  
weekend of the 9th/10th October. In order to compete in this event Martin had to qualify by winning  
a regional competition, which he did by winning the East Midlands UKBFF Qualifier in Leicester on the  
5th September. The competitions are divided in to weight categories starting at Under 70kg,  
Under 80kg, Under 90kg, Over 100kg. The over 100kg is known as ‘The Super Heavyweights’  
and they don’t come any bigger than that! 
Once qualified for the British Final competitors have to compete in several rounds  
eliminating athletes as the competition progresses, they are judged on muscle mass, 
symmetry, proportion and condition. There are 7 mandatory poses and a 1min freestyle 
posing round. The original numbers of athletes are reduced to 10 and then down to the 
final 6 all of who receive trophies and medals. 
Olney Health & Fitness are very proud to announce that Martin placed 5th in the  
Super Heavy Weights and weighed in at 18’4lbs (117kg) with a body fat percentage  
of 4%, that is a massive amount of beef. At 41 Martin was eligible to compete in the 
‘Seniors’ but felt he is still far too fit and in such great condition to make it easier on 
himself. This made his placing and achievement even greater still. 
Martin’s diet and training was done over a 20 week period with everything geared around the 
final, an average day consisted of 1hrs Cardio Vascular (CV) training before breakfast, 1.5 hrs  
weight training in the afternoon followed by 30mins CV and then a 1hr CV session at 8pm. His diet 
consisted of high protein Eggs, Chicken, White Fish, Steak, Turkey and Protein Shakes from his  
sponsor Boditronics. Small amounts of Carbohydrates e.g Oats, Sweet Potato, Basmati Rice along  
with healthy fats such as Walnuts, UDO’s Oil, Olive Oil. Huge portions of Broccoli, Cauliflower and  
Salad. James Collier of Healthy Action (Nutrition Consultancy) in Kettering advised Martin in the last 
12 weeks of his diet. 
Martin would like to thank James Collier, Staff at the gym (Jon, Stuart & Andy) for their support 
both over the period and in coming along to cheer and support him at the events themselves. 
It is also important to Martin to mention the unwavering support shown by Kerry Lewis his 
fiancé and Jaime his son who cheered as loud as they could and Jaime was very proud 
of Dad. 
Bodybuilding is an individual sport, you have to do the work in the gym, you have to diet 
but it is a team effort and you cannot achieve results without the support of your friends 
and family. 
If you are interested in gaining or losing weight or just getting fit? Contact us at Olney  
Health & Fitness on 01234 241383. If you are a local business interested in sponsoring Martin 
please email 
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