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Weight loss and healthy eating
Your overall calorie consumption is what contributes to putting on body fat. One major problem is that people try and eat too much in one meal, which the body will not waste, it will take what it requires but any excess will be stored as energy/fuel (body fat) for later use. Also people who eat only one or two meals a day do not lose weight after a short period as their metabolism will adapt to the small amount being consumed and slow down. This is why the above has been broken down into small meals and spaced evenly throughout the day, so your body can utilise the amount consumed at any given meal and keep your metabolism from slowing down. 
Daily diet to consist of 1600-2000 K calories for women, more may be required depending on speed of metabolism. For men 2000-2500 K calories is the average. To lose weight if you consume or “Burn” 500 K calories per day you should lose about the recommended about which is around a pound of fat a week. 
K Calories % Breakdown approx. as follows 
50-55% Carbohydrates 
25-30% Protein 
10-20% Fats 
Each meal consists of approx 300-400 calories. 
Nutritional Breakdown per meal approx., 
15-25g Protein, 
30-40g Complex Carbohydrates, 
5-15g Fats 
Breakfast choose from 
1. 3 toast (Granary/brown) with low sugar jam (spread lightly) with 1 scoop whey protein 
2. 45g oats in water with a small banana or apple & 1 scoop whey protein. 
3. 2 shredded wheat with 1 small Banana & 1 scoop whey protein. 
4. 45g Special K with a small banana or apple & 1 scoop whey protein. 
(Always blend the whey protein with water and use this to replace milk to go with cereal or as a drink.) 
Various meals which to choose from will provide approximately the ideal amounts required. 
1. 70g (uncooked weight) of chicken or turkey & 150g cooked baked potato or 50g Brown rice & green veg 
2. 150-200g cottage cheese with 2-3 pieces brown bread or 150g cooked baked potato and veg. 
3. 1 scoop whey protein with 1 small Banana & 2 pots of 125g (250g total) yoghurt which have been fortified with Pro Biotics (available in all supermarkets), have this meal only once in any given day. 
4. 130g (uncooked weight) of any type of White Fish & 150g cooked baked spud or 50g brown rice & veg 
5. 100g (uncooked weight) Lean Steak with 150g baked spud & veg. Have this meal 2-3 times in any given week and no more. 
6. Tin of pilchards, sardines or mackerel on 3 pieces of toast (brown wholemeal preferably) 
7. Mass Gainer or Mass Attack (4 scoops in water). 
After a workout session (whether aerobics or weights) have a protein and carbohydrate meal ideally some fast acting carbohydrates with a blend of proteins which will help with recovery (i.e. Profusion or the Beast), remember this is a meal 
Have 1 tablespoon of UDO’s Oil(or another Omega 3 , 6 and 9 blend), for every 50 pounds of your body weight. These are good fats required to maintain a healthy balanced nutritional profile. 
If you want to make up your own meal make sure it comprises of approximately around the same nutritional breakdown as above. 
Have 4 meals per day (for men have 5-6 meals) from the choices above spaced evenly throughout the day; say every 4 hours (every 2-3 hours for men) e.g.- meal 1 at 8.00am meal 2 at 12.00, meal 3 at 16.00 and meal 4 at 20.00. Also have 1 or 2 meals of what you fancy in any given week, but this treat meal is to replace a meal not in addition to your daily meals. 
Aerobics first thing in the morning before breakfast on a treadmill fast pace walking or stationary bike for 20-30 minutes, for 5-7 days a week. If it is not possible to do aerobics first thing in morning then when you can but this must be done, for overall health benefits, burn body fat and to keep your metabolic rate fired up. (Note for those who do aerobics with weight training, always do aerobics after weight training session and not before!) 
Also recommend using L Glutamine this enhances your intestinal health, use 1 teaspoon 1st thing in morning prior to aerobics and 1 teaspoon in-between one of your other meals. Avoid if possible taking it with a meal, as this may impair L-Glutamine absorption. Mix the glutamine in a small amount of water and drink. 
If your weight stops dropping and you want to lose more then increase your aerobic sessions either by doing 2 sessions a day or increase the length of session e.g. say from 30mins -45mins. 
Do not be fooled by this LOW FAT RUBBISH, fat does not make you fat its eating too much calories. Calories are units of energy whether it's from Protein-4 Kcals per gram, Carbohydrates-4 Kcals per gram, fats-9 Kcals per gram and alcohol-7 Kcals per gram. 
Due to the way a lot of food is harvested and produced the amounts of CLA/Vitamins and Minerals that naturally occur are less than they used to be and the need to supplement has never been greater to ensure optimal health, especially to fight off colds, infections and help in the control of body fat. 
Other ways to lose weight are supplementing it with fat burners like Lypodryl or Citrimax these will raise your metboloism and help you burn more calories in the day. 
For more information about the products we offer or more details of why you should eat the way we have said please feel free to ask one of our friendly, qualified staff 
Good luck!! 
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