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Olney Health and Fitness gym
At Olney Gym, we take your health seriously. Whatever your goals, 
we can help. 
Cardiovascular Fitness... 
All training is designed to improve your general wellbeing and cardiovascular training should form at least a part of all training programs. Higher levels of cardio will result in improved stamina, higher mental awareness, stress reduction, lean muscle and will assist in weight training if you want this to form a part of your fitness plan. 
Weight Training... 
Whether you want to build muscle and bulk up or simply tone and trim down, weight training can help you to achieve your goals. As part of a planned program, weight training can benefit everyone, regardless of age or gender. The results that you achieve will differ depending on the type of plan that you follow which is why we have qualified trainers on hand at all times to help you achieve your goals. 
Tailored Fitness Programs... 
When you first join Olney Health & Fitness we will ask what you want to achieve and then we will set you up with a personalised plan to help you on your way. As you get fitter and healthier, the plan should be reviewed to give you stretching but achieveable targets towards your ultimate goal of the "new you". 
Quality Nutrition Advice... 
Nutrition forms a fundemental part of everyone's health whether you are training or not. However, as part of your overall training plan, correct nutritional intake will accelerate your achievements. At Olney Health & Fitness we take care of this too with advice and, if required, supplements to help you on your way. 
Opening Times: 
Mon - Thurs 6.30am - 9pm 
Friday 6.30 - 8pm 
Sat - Sun 9am - 1pm 
Phone 01234 241383 
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